WILD WINGS: Foil Landscape: 12” EP

May 24, 2022

This is an odd one. At its core, I reckon, it’s hardcore similar to what gave SST Records its reputation—primal, unpolished, punchy. On top of that they layer on heaps of sludgy psychedelia that sends things careening off in different directions for a bit before they head back to where they started, which adds some surprising sophistication and complexity to their tunes here. Though they sound nothing like ’em, the band Chrome comes to mind, in that they’re threading seemingly disparate sounds together in the hopes of coming out the end with something new. Like Chrome’s earlier work, they’re just shy of hitting the mark of full sonic assimilation, which isn’t a dismissal of the work here, only that the sounds aren’t yet gelled together simultaneously—“T.V. As Eyes”-era Chrome wasn’t as close to incorporating all its conflicting bits as seamlessly and concisely as they did with, say, “Anorexic Sacrifice,” but that earlier stuff was still pretty goddamned swell. I’d be interested to see where they go from here, but, as is, this is nicely off the beaten path. –Jimmy Alvarado (Color And Time Tonight, colorandtimetonight.com)

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