WILD FLOWERS OF AMERICA: Lost in the Salvation Army: LP

Feb 05, 2020

Somewhere in a late-’70s small town a highly proficient church band strayed from the path and discovered sexy-ass, sweaty rock’n’roll. They may have abandoned their “faith” but they held on to their musical teachings and the result is divine. But actttuuuaallly, this record is from 2019 and played by tried-and-true punks. Lost in the Salvation Army transports you to a time you might have never been there for. Soulful and tightly played like Reigning Sound’s Love and Curses, this record is a crisp, brandy-breathed daydream as the sun begins to set and the pot roast is being taken out of the oven. The kinda record that gets people onto their feet and into the mood. Features members of Hound, Tenement, and Dusk. “Figure it out!” –Daryl (Jac World, a division of Crutch Of Memory Enterprises)