Jul 25, 2018

This is the follow up to the excellent Basements: Music to Fight Hypocrisy, an album which flooded my head with melody, a bit of power, and some of the best songs I’d heard in ages. Having been fortunate enough to see Wild Animals live last year, my admiration was firmly cemented as the band tore through songs I loved and gave them even more vitality and impact. The Hoax continues in the same vein as its predecessor and is a collection of songs that have a ‘90s indie rock quality to them. Jamie Ruiz’s guitar bleeds a warm fuzziness which embraces me whole and his voice tells tales that I eagerly lap up. The album kicks off with the hugely infectious “Lost in Translation,” recounting the band’s Japanese tour last year and is one of ten tracks which make for a perfect listening experience. If it were possible to get tattoos on your heart then I’d have Wild Animals done on mine. This is a bloody great record! –Rich Cocksedge (Lauren, [email protected], lauren-records.com / Bcore, [email protected],bcoredisc.com / La Agonia De Vivr, laagoniadevivir.com / Pifia, [email protected], pifiarecords.bandcamp.com / Inhumano, inhumano.bigcartel.com / Epidemic, [email protected], epidemicrecords.net / Waterslide, watersliderecords.bandcamp.com)