WILD ANIMALS: Basements: Music to Fight Hypocrisy: LP/CD/CS

Aug 12, 2016

It’s not that long since I first heard Wild Animals’ excellent debut record, so to have the follow up come along so quickly is a slice of good fortune. Ideally, I’d avoid hyperbole but it’s just not possible here as Basements is a fantastic piece of work with warm, scrappy songs built around a fuzzy melodicism that is infectious from the outset. The odd hints of early Samiam work magnificently with the male/female vocals and the blown-out-sounding bass, making me feel uplifted and elated. Hats off to this Madrid-based trio for referencing the television show Six Feet Under in the outstanding “Television Blows,” which has great significance to me, as without the programme I would never have met my wife. The album is out on a multitude of labels, so it’s worth doing some legwork on the internet to find what suits you best but I got mine from s-n-c-l in the U.K. A definite contender for best album of the year. –Rich Cocksedge (s-n-c-l, [email protected], sncl.collective-zine.co.uk)