WILD ANIMALS: B-sides: 10”

Sep 29, 2020

It’s always good to hear new material and different versions of songs from a favorite band so this one-sided 10” ticks both boxes. There are two tracks recorded, but unused, for the 2018 album The Hoax and a version of “Interrupted Girl” from that album which is subtitled as being an “’80s hair metal version.” The latter is a great song. It certainly does take on a new life, and with the discarded tracks it shows that it must have been a tough call leaving them off the album. I could easily see them fitting in well on that record. Both songs feature a great indie pop vibe. Love this band, love this record. –Rich Cocksedge (La Agonia De Vivir, laagoniedevivir.com / Bcore, [email protected] bcoredisc.com / Inhumano, inhumano.org / Pifia, [email protected], pifiarecords.bandcamp.com /Walking Is Still Honest, [email protected], wishdiy.limitedrun.com)