WICKED BEARS: Underwater: LP

Mar 10, 2023

People often ask me what bands they should check out from Salt Lake City, primarily because there’s likely not a single band from my city they can recollect, let alone any in their collection. Well here you go, everyone: Wicked Bears. Easily the best active punk band in Salt Lake, they’re the kind of unbelievably catchy pop punk before the Disney Channel destroyed the genre. I dare say this is some of the most musically adept and remarkably talented music I have heard from any local band, from any scene. It’s clear this band has also grown significantly in the near-decade they’ve been together. Everything from the harmonies, to the mastering, to the lyrics are all a significant step above the usual bands on my rotation and it leaves me both in awe, and dancing around my apartment (there’s even a chance to skank during the ska breakdown in “Lucky”!). Every time I end up having to hear Blink-182, I desperately wish they could be this fun, smart, and musically gifted. –Donna Ramone (Wiretap, wiretaprecords.bandcamp.com)

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