WHITE NIGHT: Weird Night: CS

May 23, 2017

I dunno, guys. On one hand, this band’s been around for quite a while and they’ve graced the pages of Razorcake before. Clearly they’re well-liked, and they’ve been tilling this sound for a while. There are elements of surf, psych, and pop all at play, all of it moored in this gritty garage/punk foundation. It’s all a little off, a little weird, with keyboards and solos and distortion and effects and reverb all tumbling for supremacy.… It’s abundantly clear there’s a lot at play here, but none of it really stands out. We just seem to be inundated with bands like this right now, and it’s hard to tell them apart or get truly gut-punched by one when so many of them sound interchangeable to me. White Night certainly knows what they’re doing, but to this listener Weird Night just lacked that necessary something needed to set it apart. –Keith Rosson (Burger)

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