Jul 20, 2021

I can’t tell you exactly how long I’ve been waiting for a vinyl release of this Canadian classic, but my hair was decidedly less grey. When SNFU broke up for the first time in 1989 and Chi Pig quickly moved to Vancouver, twin brother guitarists Marc and Brent Belke stuck around Edmonton and formed Wheat Chiefs. The idea was to make a departure away from the SNFU sound into more melodic territory with Marc taking on lead vocals as well as guitar. Fast forward a few years. SNFU was reunited and now based in Vancouver. The Belkes also decided to reactivate Wheat Chiefs utilizing the SNFU rhythm section of Rob Johnson and Dave Rees, releasing Redeemer in 1996. I really like how musically it retains elements of SNFU while managing to sound completely different. I always felt they were kindred spirits with fellow Canadians Doughboys and The Nils. As usual, Chase The Glory’s reissue game is on point, with cool vinyl color options and a slick overhaul of the cover art (which was badly needed). I was shocked when this didn’t blow up when it came out, and it is really cool that people are getting to hear it again (or for the first time). –Ty Stranglehold (Chase The Glory)

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