WHAT ME WORRY?: Off My Meds: 7”

Mar 15, 2022

First the facts: this band features Dave Disorder and is A.D.D. #100, and sounds like what we would expect in our hearts A.D.D. #100 would sound like: gruff and ruff and down in the dumps. And perhaps in the most predicable twenty year cycle, this EP is ushering in a resurgence of that ’00s plainclothes drunk punk sound we grew to love from Tampa and Minneapolis and other assorted secondary markets. And maybe these two tracks (“Off My Meds” b/w “Back on My Meds”) are offering a certain perspective that was absent the last time around. The honesty of consequences. The real talk around the importance of mental health and management of substance intake/abuse, instead of “I’m sad and depressed and gonna drink myself to death.” Which we all saw how that worked out, and how it made everyone else feel. I mean, these two tracks don’t do a great job at addressing this matter, and I very well might be seeing something that I just wanna see, but at least it feels different. Stay on your meds, stay alive, congrats to A.D.D. on a hundred-fucking-releases! –Daryl (A.D.D.)

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