WET THE ROPE: The Sum of Our Scars: 12” EP

Aug 02, 2017

Wow. Folks from old emo acts like Sinker, Amber Inn, and Platypus Scourge (!) get together to make what is apparently a concept record focusing on sexual assault. The lyrics are pretty obtuse, dark, brutal—though “I’ll Follow You All the Way to Your Fiery Grave” is a minute-long burner consisting of the sole lyrics, “I promise to ruin you.” All told, it’s a fierce, dense, pummeling, barb-heavy record penned by a bunch of dudes who’ve been around long enough to know exaaaaactly what they’re doing. Not terribly sonically dynamic, but bricks to the head rarely are. Kudos for exploring a tough issue without being exploitative or gross. –Keith Rosson (Adagio830)