May 23, 2017

I had the pleasure of interviewing Western Addiction in 2015 and jokingly asked them if their new album would be done before another Bush was running the country. Fuck me! Could I have been more wrong?! The joke was a nod to the twelve-year span between 2005’s Cognicide and this album—only their second full-length release—and the way that the band seems to sing about the kind of twisted, dystopian world that many of us associate with George I, Dubya, and Jeb. I had no idea what 2017 would hold for the country and how fittingly Western Addiction’s tightly focused, lightning-fast punk reminiscent of ‘80s hardcore would feel so appropriate. As much as their music calls back to the past, the band masterfully avoids the trap of rehashing old sounds. Instead, it creates something totally fresh and new. Lyrically, head songwriter Jason Hall is always on another planet with songs like “Masscult, Vulgarians, and Entitlement.” Western Addiction is just what the apocalypse ordered. –Jon Mule (Fat Wreck Chords, fatwreck.com)

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