Sep 29, 2020

As a band that shares members with Dead To Me, Nothington, and Enemy You, it should be a no brainer to enjoy this band too, right? But the vocals are just way too tough guy hardcore for me to get into them. If you like Fat’s early catalog (like Good Riddance), this group is a much more grown up version of that skater punk. Much angrier and focused, but I’m still not into being screamed at for half an hour. They’ve borrowed from hardcore and metal to meld a fast and menacing group that inspires circle pits and pumped fists that build up to the break down. I have to give them credit on breaking out of that mold by including Darius Koski on viola, violin, piano, and tambourine in this release on the song “Wildflowers of Italy.” Their lyrics are way more thoughtful and intelligent than your average hardcore band too. It’s just not my thing. If you’re looking for something to get pissed off and rage to, this is it. Even if it has to be in your living room and not the pit for the time being. –Kayla Greet (Fat Wreck)