This trio of intrepid ne’er-do-wells sound like if Fang were from Detroit and not San Francisco—dirty punk with scuzzy hard rock leanings that (thankfully) never crosses the line into the detestable cesspools of metal and grunge. And, whilst Werewolf J never manage to emit anything quite as crucial and life-affirming as “Skinheads Smoke Dope” here, they do harness an unnervingly intense, almost Big Black-esque, I-AM-SERIOUSLY-LOSING-MY-FUCKING-SHIT vibe on tracks like “Jobless” to which Fang could never reasonably hope to aspire. And, while one can only imagine that having that nutty phased guitar constantly going VVzzzhhhHHHwwwZZZZHHHwwwZZZhhhh between the speakers would garner rather mixed opinions, I find it quite charming. Charmed, I’m sure. BEST SONG: “Jobless.” BEST SONG TITLE: “False Prophet,” because it reminds me of the False Prophets. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Keys on “Fixing It” are by John Hench, and I once drank in his basement. –Rev. Nørb (Big Neck)