WERECATS: Destined for the Outside: LP/CD

Sep 26, 2019

I procrastinated way too long in buying this album but my recent maiden trip to All Ages Records in London resulted in me finally picking up a copy of Werecats’ first long player. Boy oh boy, that was money well spent. This quickly engrained itself in my brain and allowed me to take my air guitar out of its case to wield wildly as a dozen pop punk gems were unleashed on me. With dual female vocals leading the fray and some sweet tuneage driving the songs along, I was an eager convert to the tales of werewolves, dogs, strawberry theft, zombies, and a catmobile! This is such a fun record and it makes me really happy every time I hear it or when—as is occurring frequently—one of the riffs, choruses, or refrains sprouts up out of my subconscious providing a musical surprise. There’s an occasional Screeching Weasel vibe running through the album, but from when SW were still good, so you’ve really gotta love these ’cats! –Rich Cocksedge (Household Name, [email protected], householdnamerecords.net)