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Razorcake 2020 Donation Drive - Ends Today!

Dec 31, 2020

(Design by Eric Baskauskas that will be used for T-shirt, work shirt, and sticker.)


Razorcake readers!

Razorcake was recently awarded a grant by the Los Angeles Dept. of Arts and Culture. We’re grateful for their support. This grant takes a lot of pressure off this year’s donation drive. December is usually a do-or-die month of teeth grinding and uneasy anticipation. Now, it’s more or less the non-profit punk zine equivalent of doing that sideways jump and clicking one’s heels, but instead of “happily ever after,” it’s like, “Cool! We’re not dead on our feet!” We’ll take it.

We are fully aware of the hardship that so many are going through and are empathetic to that struggle. With that in mind, if you were thinking of making a donation, but could use the money to improve your own situation, or can think of another organization that would benefit more from it: we encourage you to do that.

That’s not to say we’re ending the drive early. We’re not. We’re just taking the foot off the gas pedal and rolling with the drive with a minor adjustment!

Get Eric Baskauskas’s bad ass, octo-shredder T-shirt for a $25 donation. This will only be printed once, and you can only get one by making a $25 donation.
Make a $25 donation.

Get the tee and a year subscription–either gifted to someone or for yourself–for a $50 donation.
Make a $50 donation.

Get the tee and sponsor a space to receive 25 copies of every issue for a year for a $150 donation. 100% of this donation goes directly into printing and shipping free zines to a location of your choice.
Make a $150 donation.

And we’ve lowered the personalized silk-screened/embroidered workshirt to a $100 donation.
Make a $100 donation.

We really appreciate everyone’s support so far!

–Daryl and Todd

from November 12th, 2020--

Hello there!

On January 1st  we should all be given a merit badge for sludging through the 366 days that was 2020. We understand that people have a lot on their plate right now—and it’s not necessarily food—but if you are of the means to donate this year, and keep Razorcake in print, accessible, and sustainable, we’re here to say thank you! Here are some donation gifts we’ve put together to make it little more enticing.

Thanks everyone! And please let us know if you have any questions.

-Todd Taylor

Every donation gets a sticker. After you make a donation, we'll contact you about shirt size, gift sub recipients, or what space you'd like to sponsor.

$25 - T-shirt—this donation sponsors a space to receive 25 copies of a single issue. Silk-screened by Calimucho Screen Printing, San Pedro, CA. (click here to make $25 donation)

$50 - T-shirt and a gift subscription, you can choose the recipient or we can find a good home (click here to make $50 donation)

$150 - T-shirt and Sponsor A Space to receive 25 copies for a year (click here to make $150 donation)

$170 - T-shirt and 10 gift subscriptions (click here to make $170 donation)

Work Shirts screened and embroidered by Exploding House Printing, Chicago, IL

$500 - Personalized embroidered/silk screened Work Shirt, T-shirt, Sponsor A Space for a year, and 10 gift subscriptions (click here to make $500 donation)

$1,000 - Sponsor an issue, Personalized Work Shirt, T-shirt, Sponsor A Space for a year, and 10 gift subscriptions (click here to make $1,000 donation)

• Send a donation through our site: razorcake.org/donate

• Send a donation directly through paypal here: paypal.me/razorcake

• Send a donation check, well-concealed cash, or money order to: Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042

Here's a video about the Sponsor A Space program--