Jan 25, 2023

This Oakland contingent goes from “dreamy” to an outright snooze far too quickly for my liking, although their efforts maintain a reasonable standard of pleasantness for the duration. They seem not entirely dissimilar to early ’80s art school new wave, but garnished here and there with some darker ’90s-style guitars in order to maintain a certain frisson of au courant-ness. At their mightiest, they rock approximately as hard as the fourth Psychedelic Furs album. This statement would not qualify as a full-throated endorsement. BEST SONG: “The World Is Derived from Pleasure.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Sluggo + Magenta.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I can’t believe no one has thought of adding a process color to Sluggo before. –Rev. Nørb (Too Good To Be True, toogoodtobetruerecords.com)

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