WEAK: The Wheel: LP

May 20, 2019

I would wager my last $/£/€ that these Spaniards have spent significant time listening to the melodic punk bands that have been released by Fat Wreck in the U.S. and Burning Heart in Europe. Despite the cross-Atlantic influences, it’s a very European-sounding record, with the accented English of the vocals adding a similarity to bands like Satanic Surfers and No Fun At All. The Wheel is an impressive debut which benefits from well-written songs and a killer drum sound. The latter element really snaps away whilst the rest of the band adds a huge, energetic buzz which peaks on “Intoxicated Society.” This is my favorite track and, as an added bonus, it also features guest vocals from Wild Animals’ drummer, Paula. That song alone is worth buying this for. –Rich Cocksedge (Bcore, [email protected], [email protected] / White Russian, [email protected], whiterussianrecords.nl / Morning Wood, [email protected], morningwoodrecords.com)