WE THE WILD: From the Cities We Fled: CD

Sep 20, 2016

­In 2005 I was on tour as a roadie with a band whose tourmates were one of those generic emo acts that had two vocalists: one sang and the other did some screamy vocals. Even in 2005 I felt that sound was played out. It was kind of cool when Thursday had broken through with it a few years earlier but then whatever that genre is called blew up on Warped Tour and became the soundtrack for teens in eyeliner and hair hanging over one eye with studded belts and all kinds of things that could be purchased at Hot Topic. Here it is, 2016, and evidently this sound still exists. Am I just out of touch—are there differences between these bands? Or is this the bachata music of suburban white kids? (Sorry bachata fans, it seriously all sounds the same to me.) Just so I don’t sound entirely like an out-of-touch curmudgeon, I will say that We The Wild’s drummer isn’t too bad. Now get off my lawn. –Kurt Morris (Self-released, wethewildpdx.com)