WAVE GOODBYE: Lave! Live from the Taped Mics at Three Feather Records: CD-R

May 15, 2023

A (mostly) live EP from this Ohio pop punk band that was recorded from a show I was at! It starts out with a Frights cover that I wish wasn’t the first song but it’s still a damn good cover and set opener. They then go into all of their original songs that have a nice mix of pop punk, melodic hardcore, and metal. Of course, this being recorded at a live show not everything goes right. After the second song Tay (lead guitar and vocals), broke a string and had to use a guitar from another band. When Wave did their next song, the strap fell off. Other than that, the only small issues I have are the entire live set is not on the CD and they didn’t put their one studio single on the CD. –Lint Lobotomy (Self-released)

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