Jan 24, 2024

Repetitive, droning, and powerful. Water Damage spread it out over two songs: “Fuck This” and “Fuck That.” In “Fuck This” there’s a pending sense of unease. Maybe it’s from the distorted drone that lays over the top of everything else that increases in intensity over the duration, or the percussion that sounds like a slamming door down the hallway. Whatever it is—it’s there and it hooks into you—holding your attention through the journey’s end. “Fuck That” essentially picks up where “Fuck That” left off, yet the pervasive drone has receded to be replaced by keys that conjure a slight melancholia for past times, or the idea of past times that may have never really existed. Fans of krautrock, this is one you may want to try on. –Matt Average (12XU, [email protected], 12u.net, 12xurecs.bandcamp.com)

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