WASTED LIVES: Self-titled: 7”

May 23, 2018

I really have to hand it to Jason at Supreme Echo. I thought I knew a lot about obscure Canadian punk rock but I am truly the student here. I had no recollection of Wasted Lives (they did appear on the Vancouver Complication LP) yet he has managed to locate the original tapes from entire recorded output in 1979, have it cleaned up, and lovingly released as a part of the label’s archival series (see my reviews of Zellots, The Stiffs, and Vendetta as well). I am in love with this record! Four songs of distinctly Vancouver-sounding punk rock (that guitar sound is unmistakeable) but Wasted Lives offer up a little twist in the way of a kind of slight post-punk sound (proto-post-punk? Ha!) and a touch of hardcore that has me thinking of T.S.O.L. a tiny bit. Some of the members of this short-lived unit would go on to other notable bands (The Modernettes, U-JERK5, and I, Braineater), but how I’ve never even heard of Wasted Lives after all of these years is beyond me. Chalk up another win for Supreme Echo. –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo, supremeecho.bandcamp.com)