Aug 01, 2019

Whoa. I might actually be getting excited about hardcore again? This thing rages full-on for a minute at a time before hitting these breakdowns that aren’t your typical two-step “sway and stomp” stupid garbage that turned me off from modern hardcore. It’s like the song will fall completely apart and then lurch forward again like a motor you have to turn over three times to get it to work, and in the meantime you are beating your head against the dashboard wondering if you’re going to get to work on time. I love the vocals; they’re not aggressive at all but sit in the mix so well they sound organic. I love the weirdo, single note riffing on “Greedy Hands.” I love the handwritten note that came with this. Punks are still okay sometimes. –Ian Wise (High Trash Media, hightrashmedia.tumblr.com)