WARNING: DANGER!: Shovel to the Face: CD

Jul 25, 2018

There’s not a single serious song on this whole record. Warning: Danger! are a four piece from Seattle who dress up in reflective safety gear usually only found on road workers or the Village People. Most of the songs trudge along at a stoner metal band’s pace, which is super apt on the song “Puff, Puff, Give” for example (though the rest of the tracks are all over the place lyrically). My favorite song title is “I Dropped Acid and Forgot It Was Halloween.” How fucking scary and ridiculous is that? Another top contender for best song title is “My Baby’s Got Rabies.” I found myself chuckling as they asked the fictional significant other why she was so thirsty. Then there are lyrical gems like the couplet in “Space Camp” that goes: “High fives in zero Gs / That sounds like fun to me!” That song is actually a cover from a band called Sump Pumps, but I imagine Warning: Danger! put a nice spin on it. The last track is a live recording and they start out by asking the crowd the name of the ninth planet in the solar system, all the while chanting “Pluto is a planet, goddamnit!” and “Fuck you NASA!” Or the song “Bacon” where they cover both the food and famous people named Bacon. It’s just silliness across the board that will put a smile on your face. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)