What we’ve got here is a collection of goofy songs about garage bands, people with a thirst for money, active shooters, and shitting your pants. I can’t say it all fits together seamlessly, but I think Warning: Danger! lean into the chaos of their songs. The first couple of tracks are very guitar heavy with drawn-out, throaty, screaming vocals. It’s like a mix of Black Flag and sludge. The titular track especially has this slow, droney sound of impending doom. Parts of the vocal style remind me of Nomeansno. By the third song, “One Hit Wonder,” they switched gears to a mid-paced, poppy tune. It’s simple, fun, and well executed. “Active Shooter” then brings back those heavy, early hardcore roots. And the song “Everybody Shits Their Pants (Sometimes)” is the only one I don’t care for. I’m never thrilled to listen to crude songs in the scatological realm. Otherwise it’s an overall strong release. Even the Devo-meets-Marilyn Manson remix of the titular track was fun. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)