WARES: Survival: CD

Right now, the sun is rising. I’ve been up all night writing and we haven’t even seen the worst of the Trump Virus. I’m listening to Survival and I’m deeply unhappy. Still, the sweet melodies and coy singing of Wares remind me of a time when writing until the sun came up could bring about a feeling of solitary bliss and transcendence. Their tunes sweet and heartfelt. Humble, yet soaring and majestic and exactly what I need right now. And I refuse to insult it by reducing it to a genre or comparing it to another band just to tip off their potential audience. However, the liner notes state “this record is dedicated to decolonial activists, anti-fascist agitators, prairie queers fighting for community and a better life.” So there. There’s their audience. –Craven Rock (Mint)