Sep 16, 2021

Self-described “sludgy dreampop,” Warcake’s Puce comes across to me—in a big way—like L7 Bricks Are Heavy-era demos. Slow, assured songs with this dichotomy between rumbling, deep-end guitars and discernable, confident vocals that are sometimes run through various effects. The lyrics are more obfuscated and metaphorical than that band, successfully so, though if I have a complaint, it’s that the songs have a tendency to drag on. Atmosphere is a big part of the intent, I get that—it’s a two-piece band, and one that relies a lot on sludge and repetition. But it starts to become a pretty tough row to hoe once you start creeping up on the three-and-a-half/four-minute mark, which much of Puce tends to do. Still and overall, pretty rad. –Keith Rosson (Tern & Crow)

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