WAR GOES ON, THE: Self-titled: LP

Jan 18, 2017

The K-town punk scene once flourished with an impressive roster of heavy hitters including Gorilla Angreb, Amdi Petersen’s Arme, No Hope For The Kids, Young Wasteners, et cetera. but appeared to be dormant for quite some time since those bands either broke up or became inactive. The War Goes On—which not surprisingly features former members of at least two of the aforementioned early scene participants—storm the gates in 2016 with eleven cuts of mid-paced, dark punk with that unmistakable Copenhagen sound. A lot more focused than some of their previous bands, The War Goes On seems to have their musical ducks (influences) in a row and are nailing them with effortless precision. Do you miss From Ashes Rise? Do you secretly wish Tragedy didn’t bust out that nylon guitar so often? Give these boys a listen. –Juan Espinosa (Adult Crash / New Dark Age, no address listed)