WANDERERS, THE: Only Lovers Left Alive: LP

Another coup for Gutterwail and another gem of a release gets “rediscovered” for the rest of us to gleefully ruin our hearing with. This is a reissue of the sole 1981 full-length LP by a short-lived band that is basically Sham 69 with Stiv Bators on vocals (yes, you read that correctly). The songs here fall sonically smack between Sham, Stiv’s solo work, and early Lords Of The New Church without the gloom—solid rock riffage, punk attitude to spare, and deeper lyrical fodder than may be apparent to the casual listener. Tacked on for good measure are some tracks off their two singles and a previously unreleased tune that was apparently listed on the cover of the original album but never actually made it onto the wax. Add some liner notes penned by guitarist Dave Parsons and you have yourself one helluva party, kids. Play loud and play often. –Jimmy Alvarado (Gutterwail, madparade.biz)