WALLYS, THE: Give It Back: CD

Jan 21, 2022

Mutant Pop Records is back and so is the “Short Run CD-R,” it would appear. I seem to recall having a release on CD-R from this band on this label back around 2000 or so that I liked quite a bit. These recordings are from 2001 and pick right up where the band was at the time. Pretty cool idea to release songs from this era on the format that would have been in place at the time, but do it twenty years later. One thing you can be sure about with Mutant Pop is that it will be pop punk and will be well above average for the style. This label has one of the most consistent discographies in existence and if you’re a fan you already know this. Anyone else who might be casually interested in pop punk but doesn’t want to dig through the dreck can be sure that anything on Mutant Pop will be above average to great. –Mike Frame (Mutant Pop)