WALL BREAKER: Democracy Dies: LP

Sep 26, 2019

One of those records with cover art that tells you everything you need to know: next to the distorted blackletter type of the album title, a grinning Grim Reaper gleefully shreds the Constitution as halftone tanks roll up on the Capitol in the background. Not a big shocker that what’s inside is some supercharged, no-bullshit hardcore punk. The snarling vocals and bass lines are reminding me a little of the first Nerve Agents EP, and I’m also hearing a lot of early youth crew influence in this—the kind that was fast and fun, not the dead-serious jock beatdown soundtracks. “Weather Underground” is a fucking jam. Lyrics take on red-hatted xenophobes and capitalist warmongers, and almost every song includes the tag “(mosh part)” somewhere around the chorus so you know when to mosh. I’m into that. Nothing new being invented here, but I can’t complain. World is fucked. –Indiana Laub (Refuse, [email protected], refusemusic.net)