WACKY WESTERN DOUBLE DIGEST, $6, 5” x 7½”, 2-color copied, 24 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

A wild’n’weird split comic about two different tiny cowboys. One side features Faecke’s Boy Howdy: Wonder Kid of the West and his Wonder Horse Fasty. It’s a light-hearted and dumb romp about young Boy Howdy being a great boy sheriff until he is framed for poisoning the well by the boy gov’nor. It’s drawn like 1950’s pulp comics, goofy as all get out and right pretty to look at. The flipside is Pratt’s Dog Walker & Boy the Dog in… Rough Ridin’ ’Round Bunghole Bend! Dog Walker is an unlucky little cowboy lad who rides his dog across the desert. When he attempts to get a drink from the saloon he is shot at, punched, swindled, and branded. You could probably figure it out by the title; it’s got that potty humor that your Sunday school teacher won’t approve of. It’s a nice little double comic to leave out in the break room for your coworkers to say “What the fuck?” at. –Rick V. (Pete Faecke and A.T. Pratt, thestinkhole.storenvy.com)