VOIGHT-KAMPFF: The Din of Dying Youth: 12” EP

Nov 22, 2017

Six new songs from Midwestern post-punk duo Voight-Kampff. This time around I’m picking up on a lot of Christian Death and Sisters Of Mercy influence as opposed to Joy Division, which is absolutely not a bad thing. I sure do appreciate this style of music coming from the minds of guys in Framtid and Cro-Mags T-shirts because such worlds don’t collide nearly enough, in my opinion. You could not ask for more from an opening track in “Victim of Desire”: the pounding drum and guitar intro almost fool you into expecting hardcore punk ruckus but soon subside to a perfectly executed post-punk with some kick and punch to it. If you’re into Merchandise then don’t sleep on Voight-Kampff any longer. –Juan Espinosa (Deranged)