VOICE OF DOOM: Screams in Space: CD

Jan 18, 2017

I must admit that I am not normally a fan of what I might call derivative subgenres of punk rock, i.e. pop punk, folk punk, and, yes, horror punk. I tend to dislike labels that put a specific sound in a corner. Well, color me surprised as this release might be of the horror punk variety and it pretty much rules. If I had to pin down a specific sound, it would be that of the Walk Among Us-era Misfits. Trust me, this is not a disparaging barb. Vocalist Evil Heim nails the Danzig thing so well. I daresay he actually might match ol’ Glenn at his peak. This disc has six tracks that just breeze by, coaxing the listener to put the player on repeat and just keep listening. (Other than the opening track—which is a bit of a throwaway with no vocals other than some sampling-type stuff—every song gets better than the last.) Well done and totally more enjoyable than it should have been. –Garrett Barnwell (Pyrrhic Victory, pyrrhicvictoryrecordings.com)