VISUALIZING THE HISTORY OF FUGAZI, $10, 20” x 14”, newsprint, 8 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

An hour after this arrived at my place I wrote the author a fan letter. No shit. Carni Klirs, like so many of us, has spent hours on the Fugazi Live Series page, cycling through all their shows, calculating the band’s drives, noting which groups they played with the most, all that cool stuff. Mr. Klirs aggregated data about Fugazi from their live series page on Dischord and turned the raw numbers into a series of gorgeous, poster-sized infographics. He included a map diagramming the routing of every show the band played, breaking down the shows by number played in each state and country; a four-tiered family tree including band-to-band connections which connect Ian and co. to such sundried acts as Sheila E. and the E Street Band; a chart detailing all the benefits the band played and the money they raised—and these are just three of the pages herein! Staggering in scope and execution. I might have to buy a few more copies so I can frame every page. Punk’s not a competition, but this wins the issue. –Michael T. Fournier (

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