Aug 19, 2016

Holy shit! In the world of shit landfill reissue records, there occasionally comes a release that actually makes sense and deserves a spot on my record shelf. This band hailed from Scotland in the late ‘70s, released a couple of singles that vaporized, but somehow they piqued the interest of Mr. John Peel. Peel had them do three sessions, all of which were magical but, alas, they disappeared back to obscurity and the nine to five. Mercifully, someone pulled the sessions out of the ether and stuck them on the a 12”. One part Wire, one part Joy Division, and the rest a mix of the darker side of Crass records like Lack Of Knowledge. What makes this disc shine is the faultless BBC recording. I can’t believe this has been wallowing in obscurity for so long. Absolutely mandatory for all the folk who like a little sour taste to their post-punk. –Tim Brooks (Telephone Explosion,

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