VISIONS: Self-titled: LP

Mar 15, 2022

Follow the clues: This album was recorded in 2018. Apparently released in 2020 via Ebullition and Old City. And Razorcake’s just now getting a copy of it? I dunno, man. World’s a trip these days. What I do know is that this is really good, spooky punk shit that sounds like Signal Lost if they had decided to lean even harder into goth territory. Fantastic, melodic stuff here, similar maybe to Terrible Feelings as well. Buoyant, confident, well written songs that aren’t afraid to let the instruments breathe and walk around a bit. And very far out of what you’d expect from the Ebullition wheelhouse, but, hey, it’s 2022, and I guess everyone’s like, “Fuck expectations, this record rules, here we are.” Fantastic Portland band, and here’s hoping they’re still around and that shows manage to become a regular thing again at some point, because I’m sure this band would be a jawdropper. Recommended. –Keith Rosson (Ebullition / Old City)

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