VISCERA: Hollywood Lockout Dayze: EP

May 23, 2017

Don’t assume all Mexicans see America as the promised land. Rafael Buzea prefers the warm friendliness of his native Mexico City and the peaceful shorelines of Tijuana to the “gringo rigidity” of American cities. The Viscera frontman and his younger brother, guitarist Chris Buzea, spent their childhoods moving all over North America. They’ve since built a nest for themselves in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, a band practice space they call the lockout. Rounding out the Viscera family is bassist Marko Polo, a native Italian who’s toured with heavy metal bands across Europe, and brand new drummer Moses. Together they create a powerful, ear-shattering message of smashing borders between nations, people, and musical genres. The sound of Viscera can best be described by the title of their music video, “Dirty Punk Fuck.” Rhythmically, the songs speed up and slow down in strategic intervals so the listener’s ear doesn’t become paralyzed by the chaos. Viscera played over fifty shows in their first four months together, including dates in Belize, where no other American artist had ever previously performed. You can catch them playing all over L.A., but if you do, prepare your neck for a gnarly bangover the next morning. –Michelle Kirk (LA Rehearsal Studios, [email protected],