VINNY HOOLIGANZ: Late Nights: 7”

Jan 18, 2017

With a band name like Vinny Hooliganz, you might just be thinking “Oi! Oi! Oi!” like me. Despite their moniker and the album art depicting the Brooklyn Bridge, don’t be fooled. There is no false bravado here, no fear of being too vulnerable. It’s all heart, with some pretty great range. In just three songs, Vinny Hooliganz takes the listener from street sounds of “Live and Die in NY,” pummels them with a rock’n’roll lovesick lament called “Thursday Night Serenade,” and concludes its short but intense journey with “Winter,” seemingly a requiem for a friend realized, too late, who might have needed you more than you needed them. Vinny Hooliganz definitely have some tricks up their sleeves. Each of these tracks have been nurtured and lovingly recorded. It’s obvious and comes through clear as their melodic harmonies and perfectly synched guitar tones. This 7” is to be treasured, but the online version comes with two extra tracks! –Jackie Rusted (Not Like You,

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