VILLAGES: Excessive Demand: LP

Mar 10, 2023

There are a lot of reasons to write for Razorcake: supporting DIY culture, free records, pouty DMs from bands you already forgot panning… but my favorite is getting exposed to high-quality, slept-on music that I’d probably never check out otherwise. This second Villages LP is a perfect example of just that. If someone said, “This German post-punk band’s singer has the same lonely, piercing call as Pall Jenkins from Three Mile Pilot, their songs average almost five minutes in length, and they swirl in some expansive Krautrock; swoony, half-unbuttoned BritPop; and, of course, extremely textural shoegaze,” I would probably mutter, “Sounds cool,” and go back to pumping Bootlicker. But, I had to listen to this for homework and really got into it! I love the haunting nocturnal atmosphere and how the songs move at their own unhurried pace, building into hookier, cathartic moments. It’s always exciting when a band knows exactly what they’re doing, but don’t feel bogged down by their own expectations, and that is exactly what Villages are doing here. Peep game. –Chris Terry (Self-released,

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