VIDEO STORES STILL EXIST!, $10, 6” x 9”, 60 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

Interviews with twelve different existing video rental stores by the folks at Lunchmeat, a very organized group of VHS enthusiasts. It’s wild how some of these stores have been functioning in some form or fashion since the eighties or nineties. And it’s interesting how most of them have changed their models to being volunteer-run, getting a non-profit status, and/or becoming a video library. There are photos with each interview showing off the treasures in each store. Movie Madness in Portland, Ore. has a detached ear prop on display from the David Lynch film, Blue Velvet. What I don’t enjoy is the questionnaire style of the interviews. Every interview has the same questions that were clearly just sent over an email or a DM. Some answers to the questions are identical in the interviews. I do like the last question asked, though: “Why do you believe video stores are important?” A lot of the interviewees have a similar message. As streaming services are becoming more spread out and the selections are thinning, having video stores and libraries are again becoming the easiest way to browse and find the film you are looking for. Print lives! –Rick V. (

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