VICIO: Self-titled: 7”

A vinyl reproduction of this long gone Laredo, Texas hardcore band’s demo tape originally circulated in 2000. To say this band was pissed is an understatement. Vicio explode with eight songs of unbridled and raw as fuck hardcore that fare as well as the contemporary (now classic) bands of that era such as Los Crudos, MK Ultra, Life’s Halt, and Sin Orden with lyrics touching on socio-political issues that remain important to this day. The song “Luchar” (“Fight”) makes me want to run inside a Pier 1 Imports and destroy everything in sight! For a recording that is a good twenty years old and is practically unheard of outside of Laredo, these songs have quite the staying power. Do yourself a favor. –Juan Espinosa (Emma Navajas, distributed by Extinction Burst,