VIBORA: Self-titled: CD

May 24, 2022

This is a four-piece with no real internet presence to speak of. I’m assuming they’re from Arizona since that’s where the record was recorded, but who knows. What I can tell you is they play fast metal with some sharp leads and a heavy rhythm section. But I’m really not into the vocal delivery. This isn’t my preferred genre in general, though the singing flips between guttural growls and nasally vocals that feel very forced. That being said, their song “Sunset Cliffs” is a standout. The mix is really well done with vocals over guitar melodies over drums. And the singing in that one is very much in the front person’s range. I feel like maybe they’re still finding their sound, as there are songs that are pretty different from each other. Some songs are also super cheesy. Looking at you “World War III,” “Serial Killers,” and “Stuck Inside.” Also some of the lyrics are quite cringe-worthy (“Wetflix / Amazon Slime / Scary movies / They’re right on time / Call me over / Late at night / I’m right behind you to fuck you right”). Not my bag and I personally think it’s terrible. –Kayla Greet (Boogeyman)