VERY TERRI #1, $?, 5” x 8½”, color copied, 18 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

A very up close and personal view of queerness told from the eyes of a ska band that didn’t give me their music to think of them as a separate entity from their queerness. They gave me a mix tape. I didn’t love it. This drips with raw emotionality. I would feel like a garbage person if I actually attempted to review their valid emotions. I’ll say that this feels too raw for a band I don’t know. Hopefully it was therapeutic for them. I can see the importance of the essays within for the individuals involved. I’m too old of a queer for this. I still make fun of ska like it’s 1999. Terris, keep it up, keep it up, keep it up. Wave your rainbow-colored two-tone flag; I’ll be quietly supportive from over here. –Gwen Static (No address listed)