Jan 30, 2019

Gah, I am so the wrong person to review this. Vector Command is a two-man synth outfit featuring Joey D’Kaye and Johnny Strike of SF’s seminal punk outfit Crime. Recorded in ’83-’84, System 3 is just now seeing the light of day, and while I like the archival aspect of a project like this, it’s just way outside of my wheelhouse. Sounds like random noise to me. That said, Crime completists and fans of synth-punk and darkwave may want to check this out. I think this summation in the liner notes is gonna be enough to either send you scampering to your nearest record store or running for the hills: “Like Crime in the world of punk which they helped invent, Vector Command brought a new heady concoction to electropunk: Blade Runner aesthetics, Velvet Underground deconstructed noise, chanting/drumming (from field recordings Johnny made of a recovery group he directed), with lyrics and sounds full of subconscious madness and mysticism.” Choice is yours, folks. –Keith Rosson (Hozac)