Jan 31, 2018

I am a sucker for samplers. Some of my favorite CDs of all time were samplers from small labels that I just listened to incessantly. This sampler does everything a good sampler should do—it’s got about two songs each from about eleven different bands, some in English and some in French. There’s some diversity of sound, but overall it’s all in a similar vein that gives you a sense of the label’s direction: straightforward, classic-influenced punk anthems. There’s lots of “oh-oh’s” over gravelly vocals (like The Headliners’ “Too Young to Fall in Love”) or two great jams from The Daltonz who sound like Brendan Kelly singing for The Queers. In general, this stuff is a little too classic for me to listen to all the time, but I bet this would give someone who is into that a great peek into the scene that UVPR Vinyles is building. –Theresa W. (UVPR Vinyles,