VARIOUS ARTISTS: Unusual Suspects: LP

Jan 05, 2022

With a lineup that’s a veritable who’s who of legendary L.A/O.C. talent in band formations both long-established (Shattered Faith, Crowd, Decry, Love Canal, Channel 3) and comparatively newer (The Pegs, Vulturas, Loose Trucks, Berzerkers, The Plagues, 16 Again, Infamous Stiffs), each song is an anthem unto itself that manages to snugly fit within the rock-inflected punk/hardcore sound that Hostage has meticulously curated for several decades and yet fudges at the parameters by infusing a bit more surf, hardcore, and other influences in there to keep ears piqued and tails wagging. As with all previous installments, the latest Hostage comp is yet another doozy. Loud, brash, crucial. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hostage)

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