VARIOUS ARTISTS: Typical Girls Volume 4: LP

Nov 26, 2018

Lately, I haven’t been a big fan of shows or collections that center on collecting artists by gender, but the through line for Emotional Response Records is more curatorial than essentialist, celebrating freaky and innovative artists around the globe and putting them in dialogue with one another. It’s fitting that the collection is named Typical Girls. The bands that are showcased emanate many elements of The Slits in subtle and stabbing ways. The complexity hidden as simplicity in bands like Schande and Mommy Long Legs, the pure punk energy of Chroma and Republica, and the experimental dance of Cocteau Latex all fit in this legacy. Let’s also address the elephant in the room, it is still more difficult for women and queers to get our records put out, so a comp like this is still doing double work. This is a really great collection; I can’t wait for Volume 5. –Candace Hansen (Emotional Response)