VARIOUS ARTISTS: Tuna Forsushi Presents Live Your Gimmick Deuce: CD

Apr 08, 2019

You know the drill by now. Four bands contribute some songs with introductions by Mr. Tuna himself. Smells fishy? Don’t worry, it’s for real. The first band, Never Say Die, is named after their favorite Sabbath record. Okay, that’s not true. They are a straight-up punk band. “Down in the Gutter” injects some blues action into the mix. The Supermen are dressed in costumes but I can’t determine if they are wearing capes or not. Why do I think of Thor when I listen to them? Not sure but I can tell you that they have a song written by Mike Tyson in their set list. “Bad Taste in Men” gets to the point—and quickly. The Runz barrel into town next. “Kid” has a whiff of metal in the guitar department and you can tell these guys mean business. Finally, Long Lost Enemies rounds out the party. “Florida Fresh” is to this band what “Clash City Rockers” was…. Their theme song. “The Baby” is a Lemmy tribute but I don’t think he would be down with the auto-tuned vocal opening. A mixed bag. –Sean Koepenick (Tuna Forsushi, [email protected])