VARIOUS ARTISTS: Trouble with a Capital T: LP

Apr 08, 2019

Crucial compilation of Tallahassee punk from 1980 to 1988, and a good chunk of the material on here has never been released until now! There’s even an unreleased Hated Youth song from 1983, “Five Sides.” You have to hear it! Life-affirming greatness in a matter of seconds. Along with Hated Youth, you need to hear Persian Gulf, Human Scarecrow, Sector 4, Slut Boys (the oldest material on here, and originally available on their demo), Faith In Medical Technology, and The Undesided. Listening to this you can track how punk began to mutate through the decade, from the pure punk of Slut Boys to the blazing hardcore of Hated Youth to the metal-tinged X Band, and when things started to get sideways with Insect Fear. Seriously, you really need to get this comp. –Matt Average (Panhandle Punk Productions,, [email protected])