VARIOUS ARTISTS: Trash On!!!: 6 x LP

May 20, 2019

An ultimate tribute to, who, by all accounts was, an ultimate music supporter and all-around great guy. In early 2018 Peter Eichhorn of Germany’s P. Trash Records was lost in a car accident. The international underground music community reeled in the loss of someone who gave so much to the music he loved. It only seemed logical that the bands he rabidly supported would return the favor in his memory. That isn’t a typo in the header. This is six LPs featuring 104 bands from around the world that Peter had worked with, rocked with, and/or touched in some way. From trash punk to synth garage, this compilation delivers hit after hit. It seems like for every band I was familiar with (The Spits, Mean Jeans, Outtacontroller, Steve Adamyk Band) there was a dozen that I had never heard (Glow Kit, Stalin Video, Brat Farrar, Bad Doctors). It took me almost a week to get to the end of side L, and by the time I did I was neck deep in new bands to find other music from. A very big tip of the hat needs to go to both FDH Records in the U.S. and No Front Teeth Records in the U.K. I can’t even begin to imagine the undertaking that this entailed. Fantastic work! Did I mention that all of the proceeds from this are going to Peter’s family? Well they are, because there is nothing but class here. I highly recommend picking this up if there are any copies left. If not buy the download. A mighty send-off for a mighty personality in our music community. This release is pure love! –Ty Stranglehold (FDH / No Front Teeth,,